How to install a KSF certificate in Safari under Mac OSX?

Please note that some menus and dialogs might not be exactly the same in your browser due to different version of a browser, operating system and language selection.

  1. Assume you have already downloaded a *.p12 file using your acquisition code. Please note that after successfull installation for security reasons this file should be deleted or moved to some secret location in case you need to reinstall the certificate.

  2. Locate the certificate (presumably in your download folder) and double-click it. You will be asked whether you wish to add the certificate to a keychain.

    Add certificate to keychain

    Select an appropriate keychain and click OK. The screenshot shows the "login" keychain; you may need to select another keychain depending on your installation.

  3. You will be asked to enter the password for the certificate. This is the password which was provided in Minsk.

    Enter certificate password

    Enter the password exactly as provided, including capitalisation, and click OK.

  4. You will be asked to enter the keychain password.

    Enter keychain password

    Enter the appropriate password and click OK. The password is the one chosen when the keychain was set up; for the login keychain this is your login password.

  5. Locate the certificate in Keychain Access.

    Keychain access

    Reveal the contextual menu by holding down the Control key whilst you click and hold the certificate. Select "New Identity Preference".

    New Identity Preference
  6. You will be asked to enter a location.

    Location of KSF-support site

    Type or paste "" without the quotes, but be sure to include the extra / symbol at the end. Click Add.

  7. If Safari is open quit and restart Safari. You may now also quit Keychain Access.

  8. Your certificate is now installed and should be accessed automatically by Safari when you proceed to Certificate login on the KSF-support website.

    Certificate login

For additional information please refer to Apple support page. Instructions and screenshots for installation were provided by Andrew Jobbings.