How to install KSF certificate in Firefox under Linux?

Please note that some menus and dialogs might not be exactly the same in your browser due to different version of a browser, operating system and language selection.

  1. Assume you have already downloaded some *.p12 file using your acquisition code. Please note that after successfull installation due to security reasons this file should be deleted or moved to some secret location in case you need to reinstall the certificate.

  2. (In Firefox) go to Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Encryption:

    Advanced Options - Encryption
  3. Go to View Certificates and choose Your Certificates.

    Certificate manager
  4. Choose Import to import your certificate. You will need to use the master password for the Software Security Device.

    Master password

    If the master password is not set-up yet you will have to set it now. Make sure you remember the password which you will introduce in this step.

    Change master password
  5. You will have to enter the password which is used to protect your certificate. This password was given to each country at previous KSF meeting.

    Pasword entry dialog
  6. Finally, choose tab Authorities and select root certificate KSF.

    Certificate manager
  7. Choose Edit in select all options.

    CA trust settings
  8. Complete the installation by clicking OK on all menus/dialogs. If the installation was sucessfull you can proceed to certificate login. (You might need to restart a browser before proceeding to login.)

    Certificate login